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Ladies (and gentlemen too) – there’s no way to sugar coat it. Waxing is not fun. However, we’ve built our business and our reputation on providing the best waxing experience you can possibly receive in The Bay Area and beyond.

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Over 250 Yelp Reviews

Wax A Peel’s 5-Star Yelp Rating

That’s not us gloating or throwing out loosely backed marketing claims. We’ve consistently been rated one of the best waxing salons in The San Francisco Bay Area and currently have the highest rating on Yelp for The San Francisco East Bay. That’s over 250 5-star reviews from people just like you – People that don’t necessarily love getting waxed but love that we make the process as comfortable as possible.

We have an absolutely amazing staff with the experience, technique and calming personalities to get you through it and leave you not dreading coming back. We use the best hard waxes (stripless wax) on the market for all of your sensitive areas. Our space in Downtown Lafayette was designed specifically to create a calm, relaxing, upscale atmosphere. And if none of that works, we offer our guests complimentary champagne.

Have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out – (925) 385-7211 or

Woman wearing thong representing East Bay Brazilian Waxing

Our Waxing Menu

Brazilian Wax

A La Carte: $60
3-Pack:  $170
6-Pack:  $280
12-Pack: $528 (Best Deal)

Brazilian Epiladerm (+Wax): $90

Extended Bikini

A La Carte: $39
3-Pack:  $105
6-Pack:  $199
12-Pack: $375 (Best Deal)

Ext. Bikini Epiladerm (+Wax): $90

Basic Bikini

A La Carte: $30
3-Pack:  $81
6-Pack:  $153

Basic Bikini Epiladerm (+Wax): $90

Below the belt



3-pack: $170 | 6-pack: $280 | 12-pack: $528

Brazilian Maintenance


Brazilian Maintenance Lite


Intimate Bleaching




Belly Trail


Full Leg


With Epiladerm - $158

Half Leg


With Epiladerm - $81

Feet & Toes


Above the Belt



With Epiladerm - $22

Nose (ladies)


Brow Shaping


Brow Maintenance


Brow Tweezing




Half Back


Full Face With Brows


With Epiladerm - $68



With Epiladerm - $24

Full Arm


Half Arms - $30



With Epiladerm - $36







Half Back - $30

Full Arm


Half Arm - $30






6-Pack Brazilian Waxing Package


6-Pack Extended Bikini Waxing Package