Microblading in the East Bay is here!

Microblading is an advanced technique where a Wax A Peel artist uses an ultra-fine row of needles and pigment to apply hair-like marks to upper layer of skin within your natural brow lines.

Since cosmetic pigment is being applied to the skin with a needle, many people think of microblading as an eyebrow tattoo. However, traditional eyebrow tattoos use a tattoo gun - the same one they used for that cute little flower on your ankle. The tattoo artist simply tattoos a block-style eyebrow over your current brow, coloring all of the skin below it. The results often look very unnatural and tend to get worse as the color fades over time.

The Wax A Peel microblading technique on the other hand, is a much more subtle and feminine look than that - individually creating super-fine, thin pigment lines by hand that blend seemlessly with, and enhance, your natural eyebrows. You can think of it as the manual addition of individual hairs that lay perfectly all the time. Our process slowly builds up your ideal shape and hair density, giving you an amazing look that lasts.

Pricing starts at $600. Consultation required.

What to expect:

  • 1. Microblading starts with a consultation. We want to understand the look you're going for, what you feel is your ideal brow shape and we'll make some recommendations based on our experience
  • 2. We'll draw your new brows with a fine eyeliner pencil to confirm perfect semetry and to give you a preview of what to expect when we're finished.
  • 3. We apply a topical gel to numb your brows, significantly reducing your stress as we get started
  • 4. Our artist gets to work and the actual microblading process begins. A typical session takes roughly 2 hours.
  • 5. We show off your new brows to the world!

Before & After

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East Bay Microblading Eyebrows
East Bay Microblading Eyebrows